Define your health from the toilet

The toilet is one of the rooms in the house, which can be a source of infections when not cleaned and disinfected. To gauge one’s cleanliness, have a close look at his/her toilet. Some households have bathroom/toilet ( as a single entity while others are separate entities. Whichever type of toilet, you have to have the right skills to help in cleaning.

Toilet practices that promote good health

Washing hands after visiting the toilet

Defecating and urinating gets rid of waste materials which when in contact with the body causes infection and illnesses. Always wash your hands after visiting the toilet to get rid of any contact with urine and feces in the process of visiting the toilet. However much you clean the toilet, the wall will always be a conducive environment for bacteria that is why there is advocacy of washing hands after visiting the toilet. Flush toilets have an inbuilt water system, when you use the pit latrine, have a makeshift tap or water tank to enhance the practice.

Daily cleaning of the toilet

Have a daily routine of cleaning the toilet using medicated soap to avoid odor, which attracts flies and other harmful pests. The moist bowl attracts breeding of bacteria increasing the chance of infection.

Weekly disinfection of the toilet

Use mild disinfectants recommended for household use to reduce the chances of pests from breeding. It kills and suffocates the larvae including the eggs that thrive to be disease-causing bacteria. Ensure you apply the disinfectant on the toilet bowl and the floor, leave it for at least 20 minutes for it to be effective, then scrub using a hard brush for removal of all the stubborn stains.

Supply tissue paper and wipes in the toilet

After releasing yourself, how do you wipe yourself? The front-back position is the best to ensure you do not transfer excreted materials to the sensitive reproductive organs especially for women. In addition, the use of tissue papers and wipes ensures you are clean throughout the day. Use a smooth and non-fluffy towel such that no pieces find their way in the reproductive system for more health damage.

Some religious institutions advocate for washing with a specific type of tap to ensure complete removal of waste using water. The chemicals used in the wipes must have a recommendation from the health expert or else it may cause more serious damages to the skin. In case you have a sensitive skin, then avoid the use of wipe unless the content is tested.

Educating children on proper use of the toilet

Good toilet practice should be taught right from an early age so that children grow knowing very well it is a norm. As they grow, the practice becomes a habit. “Old habits die hard”

Some of these minor illnesses come from simple habits we neglect or we find them more basic to practice.

Good health start from the toilet, it is a room for removal of waste products which when mishandled or find their way outside the toilet then it can cause serious health challenges.