Hot showers or cold showers: which one is perfect for your health?

Either a cold shower or a hot shower, each has healthy benefits depending on the prevailing temperatures. Take for example, during winter; you are in warm clothes and the heater is always on, will a cold shower be of help? Of course not, the principle behind the cold or hot showers lies in the regulation of temperature which further have a positive effect in increasing metabolism and further increased blood circulation to vital organs hence promoting proper health.

How then does a cold shower affect your health?

Have you ever had a tiresome day, immediately you take a cold shower you have an instant energy? The thought of a cold shower sends shock waves through your entire body; as a result, you take a deep breath after the cold water runs through your body. This further helps to increase the amount of oxygen making the heart to pump more blood to your body hence the instant energy.

Health experts admit cold showers have a positive effect on the skin. A cold shower enhances constriction of blood vessels preventing the skin pores from dust and other particles which block the skin pores causing pimples. For the scalp, it helps to straighten the hair due to blood constriction making them shinier and brighter.

The increased circulation of blood to various organs enhances the performance of various body organs like the heart increasing the ability to create a state of balance between input and output, which helps to enhance the immune system of the individual.

Workouts and physically intensive exercises are major causes of muscle sores and general body inflammation. A cold shower helps to reduce the pain and allow the body to cool due to the production of lactic acid which is responsible for sweating and heat flushes. A cold shower helps to return the body to normalcy quickly.

A cold shower helps in the production of antioxidants, which works directly on the central nervous system for the production of stress-relieving hormones, which helps in reducing stress and depression. A less stressed person will think logically and have a clear state of mind even in decision making. Stress has detrimental health effects and permanent mental damage.

On the other hand, hot showers help to create a state of balance in temperature regulation. The sudden increase in temperature due to hot showers makes you have a relaxed mind which further alleviates anxiety and reduce stress. Naturally, a hot shower assists to decongest the lungs and chest cavity in case of colds and coughs. The warm moisture helps to clear the nasal and lung passages blocked by the mucus from the colds and coughs.

Perfect showerheads reviewed for excellent cold and hot showers depend on individual tastes and budget. The choice of a hot or as cold shower depends on the results you expect, the prevailing circumstances and the budget. They both have positive health effects when used at the right time; otherwise, it can be a cause of cold, coughs and chest congestion especially cold showers when you have a chest or lung infection.