A Challenging Game that Has a Lot of Health Benefits

Ping Pong is played by over 250 million people globally and for a good reason, making it one of the most popular sports on earth.The health benefits of playing Ping Pong include:

Low Risk of Injury

The game is accessible to everyone (beginners included) and has a low risk of injury- zero chances of collision or fall. However, that is not to say Ping Pong players do not sustain injuries. When they happen, they are self-inflicted due to probably overusing a particular skill and not directly from the opponent. Therefore, Ping Pong (http://pingpongperfect.com/best-table-tennis-table) can be enjoyed and played by people of all ages/ fitness levels.

Burning calories

Whether one is playing singles or doubles, it is a fast-paced competitive game which helps players in getting fit and burning calories. For instance, a 160-pound person can burn around 280 calories by playing Ping Pong for just one hour. The heart rate increases when one runs about on the table consequently increasing the body’s requirement for oxygen. As a result, the lung capacity increases in addition to using oxygen efficiently. Considering the fact that Ping Pong is addictive and entertaining, playing the game enables people to burn calories without even realizing it .Not only can the game complement a broad fitness regimen, but can also be billed as a gateway sport, a masquerade of fun, which gets the body and mind hooked on speed. It acts as a test of wills where one has to strategize on coordination in order to beat the opponent.

Keeping the brain sharp

Despite the game being relegated to basements and garages, it is also billed as a “brain sport” (features a mix of strategy, coordination, strategy and quickness.) Ping pong has a mojo that cannot be replicated easily. It has a small playing field which accelerates motion of players-encourages them to move and think quickly.For that reason, people who have played the game for a long time tend to make decisions quickly-they make decisions in split seconds.

It also stimulates various parts of the brain.

By anticipating a shot from the opponent, the prefrontal cortex of the brain comes into play enabling strategic planning. You have to strategize and decide on the type of spin you will put on the ball while at the same time trying to stay a step ahead of your opponent and react to shots at the same time.The aerobic exercise as a result of playing Ping Pong triggers hippocampus part of the brain, which allows us to form and also retain long-term facts and ordeals in our minds.

Improves hand-eye coordination

Playing Ping Pong improves hand-eye coordination since vision is closely tied to movement. An intense game of Ping Pong improves tactical strategy, concentration and mental alertness. It is therefore a perfect game for young people to improve their reflexes and for older people to refine their tactics.It also improves balance since it necessitates the ability to change direction quickly.

Easy on joints

Ping Pong is a perfect choice for people who have had knee surgeries, twisted ankles or back problems.The game helps to improve core, leg and arm strength without overtaxing them.