Frequently Asked Questions

Getting an accurate diagnosis can be one of the most impactful experiences that you can have. We can help you get there.

Naturally, you understand your body.

When there is a slight change that worsens with no real explanation, it's time to seek medical advice from a health professional.

Never take chances with your health.

Check on our home page for this topic with comprehensive information on this global challenge.

We have immunizations, among other strategies to manage this, which is important in the current reduction rate, although we want to reduce the gap to near 0 percent.

According to current statistics, the prevalence and mortality rate of Covid 19 patients has drastically reduced. Also, the roll-out of vaccines with an almost 95% success rate means that Covid -19 will no longer be a threat in a matter of months.

Although we have many success stories from patients who have used herbs, our position is that we need scientific proof for us to incorporate that as part of our content. However, we don't underrate the power of spices and herbs as preventive and immune boosters.

Our Mission

National health information’s mission is to provide information on various health disciplines for informed decisions among its readers.

We want to see an empowered generation on health matters. We want to enhance access to information even to the remote parts of the continent using whatever means.

In digitalized nations, the internet is our pride; information is at the tips of your hands. In remote areas, we use traditional media platforms through radio shows, Television shows, and talk shows for a similar objective.  

Our Vision

Our vision is to have a healthy nation that engages the health professional when faced with a health challenge because of the information they have about their bodies.

Once the public is informed, we have minimal lifestyle diseases, and the minor illnesses are coming our way becomes easy to manage and prevent.

Researchers accept that their work is simplified when we have informed the nation about the state of their health.

They also have a swift moment to develop vaccines and the best medicines to manage rampant illnesses.