Live a healthy life through right diet and playing sports

Living healthy is on top of everyone’s list because living an unhealthy life is not only boring but depressing as well. And unhealthy people don’t live long, not even as long as their 70’s. Many people do not take their health serious mostly because in today’s busy world people hardly have any time for themselves.

All they do is work from sunrise till the sunset like a robot. Even a machine needs maintenance and oiling after working all day. As for human beings, they not only need proper food but recreational activities too to keep their minds stress-less and healthy. Because the healthier the mind is the better is the outcome.

The only way to make yourself and your mind healthy is through the right diet and entertainment or sports.

What is the right diet for a healthy body and a healthy mind?

Living healthy involves a healthy and a balanced diet plan too. A healthy diet plan is the one that involves the following:

1. Fruits, vegetables, low-fat milk or fat-free milk and other dairy products like yogurt etc.

2. Meats, poultry, fish, beans, pulses, eggs and dry fruits etc.

3. Foods that are low in saturated fats and trans-fats etc

4. Foods low in sugar, cholesterol, salt and sugar e.g diet coke

5. Foods that are with-in your calorie requirement To live a healthy life junk food has to be avoided too especially if your work involves sitting at a desk all day and by the time you go home you’re too tired for exercise. Besides, you don’t want a bulging belly that makes you look pregnant. You would neither look classy in your Armani nor with your woman. Hence, if you have no room for running avoid the foods that may give you extra of anything at all. Also, when focusing on what foods to eat never ignore water.

A human body is 70 % water so if you don’t take the required amount of water or fluids you are likely to get sick. Hence, it is very important to drink at least 8 glasses of water. Water not only keeps your skin and mind fresh but also burns fat. All the more reasons to drink water. Sleep too is another important factor to maintaining a healthy body and a mind. At least, 6 hours of sleep is a must.

A lot of people say 5 is enough. But unless and until your brain gets enough sleep for your body which functions as per the instructions of your brain wouldn’t function properly. Sports as Important as breathing Yes, sports are as necessary as breathing. Sports burn way more fat than water. Not only does sports burn fat but they also provide your mind and soul with a sense of bliss. A game of ping-pong can alone awaken your tired brain and not only improve your sight and focus but also your reflexes. Playing ping pong can burn fat too. You would lose about 200 to 350 calories, however, if you are a professional and know fancy techniques you can lose about 500 calories, all by playing ping pong, check out the table tennis review here: . Not just ping pong, you have ground tennis and baseball etc.

Besides, after a desk job entire day it would be only fair if you took some tie out during the work break or at the end of the day or at least on weekends to live your life instead of barely existing.  You’ll be surprised at your performance.