Table Tennis Exercises With Best Table Tennis Table

In the table-tennis, it is not about how fast you are and how strong you portray, but it is about getting the correct movements at the right instant.

It is considered that the best way to practice table-tennis is on the table with a partner. In this article, we discuss few Table Tennis Exercises with Best Table Tennis Table. Table Tennis

Exercises with Best Table Tennis Table:

Overall physical training plays a major role in enhancing the game with best table-tennis tables. Amateur players may not be aware of correct movements and exercises while playing on the Table Tennis table. Standing at the same position or moving after hitting the ball does not enhance or up your game with the best table tennis tables. There are certain key exercises and practice drills that must be taken into account to improve the overall ability in the sport.

Footwork Table-Tennis Exercises

Quick and precise footwork on the table-tennis table is the key to the sport. But, it comes as a big weakness to many players. This is because they are either less aware of the effective tactics or doesn’t know correct ways to implement them.

The first step is to concentrate on leg strength conditioning and agility. It involves (Move, Stop and Hit). After mastering these steps the footwork drill must be practiced to increase the speed of movement. The whole regime/process is termed as footwork pattern.

Good Footwork involves:

  • Achieving a balanced position – Before starting the game on the table-tennis table, good footwork must be performed to get your body in the optimal position.
  • Hit the ball with accuracy, speed, and strength — The perfect position allows you to gain complete energy of the body to hit the ball perfectly.
  • Enhance the quality of shots hit – Footwork maintains the balance and helps you counter attack the upcoming shots.

Improve Footwork:

  • Put correct weight on the leg. A good player in table-tennis always moves correctly on the toes, but not on heels. Heel must be always kept up high so that feet don’t stick to the ground. Putting all the body weight on the toe helps the player up the game with the best table-tennis tables.
  • Footwork is not just associated with the foot movements, perhaps it is also the way to incorporate the body (including, shoulder, waist, and hip), before and after each shot. Hence, footwork is the work related to the entire body.

Table Tennis Exercises for Strokes

  • Table-tennis exercise with best table-tennis table includes practicing strokes. Up your game with the best table-tennis table using stroke techniques. Few of them are:
  • Backhand to Backhand crosscourt — Backhand stroke practice among two players returns the ball to the backhand corner only Backhand push and backhand drive are performed consecutively.
  • Forehand to Forehand crosscourt — Forehand stroke is used consistently making the ball return to the forehand corner only Both the players practice forehand push and forehand drive.
  • Backhand to Forehand — One player practices only backhand strokes, while the other does the same using forehand strokes. One player performs backhand drive while the other progress with forehand block.
  • Forehand to Backhand – One player practices only forehand strokes, while the other performs the same using backhand strokes. One player practices forehand drive while the other progress with a backhand block. Table Tennis Exercises for Serve and Return Drills Serve and Return drills help increase your service and receive accuracy on the table-tennis table. The drill can be used for any of the serve — topspin, side spin, back spin, no spin.
  • Serve — Place a target on the opponents part of the table and practice the serve until you hit the target continuously. Later, continue the practice by knocking multiple targets in fewer serves possible.
  • Receive — Attack opponents serve with speed and spin. Continue practice returning long side-spin serves.

Final Thoughts…

To master any skill in the table-tennis sport, the secret is to practice and repeat thousands of times. All the above table-tennis exercises and drills involve patience and continuous practice to advance in the sport. It involves dedication, regular update, and effective drilling. The fundamental movements and techniques when incorporated at the young age, help you up your game with the best table-tennis table and achieve overall consistency of the player.